Oz: The Great and Powerful

My hubby and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary on the 19th. Usually we go to our favorite little Chinese place for dinner, but we broke tradition this year since we both really wanted to see the new Oz movie.

Thoroughly impressed with the makeover of the AMC Marlton 8 theater, I will definitely be going back to see movies there! And as an added bonus, they recently remodeled to include, get this, lounging recliners! Heck yeah!

However, I wasn't so impressed with the Oz movie. Good, but disappointing. Honestly, I don’t go to the movies often. I’d rather wait for them to come out on DVD, but this just looked too good to miss on the big screen, and I can say that one should see this on screen, and not on DVD. By no means am I a professional movie critic, but here goes my first attempt…

The scenery and colors were amazing. Vivid, crisp, engaging, and realistic. A+.

The acting…a C+ if that. For a pretty big cast, I would have expected much more.

Michelle Williams was the best of the crew. Her performance as Glinda was likened to that of the original Glinda in The Wizard of Oz. Her part was very well done - not overdone and not underdone. Just right. Kudos to Michelle.
You only get to see Zach Braff for a moment in the beginning, but his voice is a staple throughout, as he’s the monkey. He’s funny, and considering you don’t need to see his actions, his part was very well done too. Funny though, you wouldn’t know it was him based on voice alone…he must have changed it!
James Franco…hmmm…he’s cute, yet annoying. Not too bad in this role, but somewhat exaggerated and at times I wanted to smack him!! I understand that he’s supposed to be over the top for his ‘show’, but it was almost like a kid who doesn’t know how to act. He’s got years of experience, and I would say that he was much better in Spiderman than as the Great and Powerful Oz.
Rachel Weisz gave a much better performance in The Mummy. She wasn’t bad, but not too believable either. I just don’t know what else to say!!
Now, for Ms. Kunis…she was okay until she “changed.” If she cackled one more time like a four-year-old I thought I was going to leave and request my money back. She needs to stick to roles where she plays the funny girl or the serious woman. Bad witches are NOT her thing. First time I’ve seen her perform so poorly.

I am pretty neutral about this movie overall. Acting wasn’t so great. Visuals, amazing. I do recommend you see it on the big screen so you can truly get the effects you’ll miss on t.v. But, if you’re not up to spending a nickel and a dime for the outrageous movie ticket prices now a days, I’d say wait for the DVD. If you have a really huge flat screen, you’ll be just fine.

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