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I know the whole point of my blog is to share all the inspiration I've found over the years to help motivate (not only me) all of us to get going on all those projects we have laying half finished around the house.

My intentions are to use my inspiration files to finally get motivated to do the redecorating, reorganizing, and refreshing of my home! Well…

It took the huge step of deciding to list our humble little home for sale to FINALLY get my backside in gear!!! In 4 days time, I've managed to organize, clean, throw away, donate, and set aside for sale, all the C-R-A-P I have lying around the house!! Not only that, but my house is so dang clutter free (thanks to having to show it at a moments notice) that I actually was able to take pictures finally!!!

Do you notice the excessive use of the word finally!! 

Since I won’t have the pleasure of actually being able to redecorate at this stage, I will keep on compiling my inspiration to use for wherever we end up next!! Of course, in the meantime, I do still have to live here, so I’ll be re-accessorizing!!!

So, without further adieu, here is my home!!

My Home

A humble little cape cod in a quiet town in Southern New Jersey.

My Backyard

My hubby put a LOT of work into this yard, and there is still so much that needs to be done!! Thank goodness he’s a mason! He poured the patio and built the block wall all for cost! (Gotta say that whomever buys this house is going to get a gold mine worth of upgrades in patio and vinyl fence alone...not to mention all the inside upgrades!!)

I love grilling here! Nice big work space and two convenient grills for big parties!

My Kitchen

We remodeled the kitchen last year, and I’m so happy with how it turned out. The layout is great for entertaining and watching over the kids as I get dinner ready!! I’ll be sorry to leave it!

My Living Room

My poor living room has been through so many re-decorations and I have yet to find a cohesive style!! Maybe I’ll get it right in my next home! It’s a decent size at 14 x 17, however, as it has a central “through way” from the front door which cuts off about 2-3’ worth of usable space!!

Here’s the view from the dining room.

My Dining Room

Not the best picture by any means!! My dining room is in need of a serious overhaul! It took us four coats to get that deep red, and at the time I loved it. Not so much anymore!! I’d like to go back to a white base, put up some bead board and put the table back where it belongs!!We moved it to serve as a buffet station for my son’s 1st birthday…A YEAR AGO!! Move the darn table already!!

My Laundry and Mud Room

This was our original kitchen…so conversion to a laundry/mud room was a piece of cake!

Notice my attempts to utilize some of my inspiration via my Pinterest boards (laundry sorting station, command center)!! Ideally, I want to put my command center under the hanging rack, and put up some board and batten and coat hooks where the bulletin board it. If the house doesn't sell fast, then maybe I’ll make that my next east update project!

I love how this room is light and bright, but I sure don’t miss the dark wood cabinets in a kitchen. White is by far my favorite…but man, do they get d-i-r-t-y!!

My Main Bathroom

The grey and maroon tile is original to the house. We never did update this bath other than a quick laminate floor and vanity…ALL of which needs updating!!

My Daughter’s Room and Playroom

This room served as the nursery for both my kids, so when the “baby” was old enough to move to a toddler bed, we wanted him to be on the 1st floor to avoid a fall down the stairs, and we gave our first born her very own big girl room!!

She’s a Biebs fan! Even saw him in concert! What a lucky girl!

This room used to be one long narrow room with the dormered stairs smack in the middle. So, hubby walled it up and created a HUGE closet which is used as her playroom!! There’s even a closet in this closet!! Storage space abounds!!

My Daughter’s Bathroom

Yes, she has her very own bathroom!! There are two bedrooms upstairs, hers, and mine, and I decided to let her have this bathroom, since I use the one on the main level!

My Son’s Room

Former den, playroom, daughter’s room, and now, son’s room!

I have two can of paint waiting for this room. Green and beige…thinking a stripe theme? But do I now that we’re selling? Hmmmm.

My Master Bedroom

I have about 1000 more pictures I want to hang. Do you know that in the 9 years we've lived here, the three lone pictures you see only got put up a year ago!! There’s a little space off to the right of the picture that is an “alcove” following the chimney line, and my hopes were to make a built in bookshelf there (to rid the clutter of books you see!!), so I stopped hanging the pictures until that was finished. But, of course, just another UNDONE project around here!!

My Master Closet

My husbands clothes are the mess of a pile you see. I gave up after numerous attempts to organize his junk!

I on the other hand, like to be a bit more organized. I arrange my clothes according to short sleeve then long sleeve, and then by color!! Yes, I’m a bit obsessed!

And here is my closet in a closet!! As with my daughter’s room, this was once a big long, narrow room until I finally demanded my hubby wall off a closet area!! Before we had children, the room my daughter is in was an entire ROOM closet! It was so awesome!! But when we had to put her there, we lost closet space, so thus this massive walk in was born!! One thing, we STILL don’t have closet doors!!

Stay tuned for more, as I make some accessory changes based on the length of stay on the market!! 

I’m not going to be making any drastic changes, but I may take the initiative to finish the projects (mud room organization, command center, and jewelry storage) that I really want to do, so I can thoroughly enjoy my last bit of time here in the home where I started my family!!

Keep on keeping on!!


  1. We are getting ready to sell our house and I'm not looking forward to all of the work! You have a nice home! What great closets! Good luck! Xo

    1. Isn't selling the pits!! It's so hard to keep it "pristine" with two kids, 3 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 rabbits!!! lol

      I am so sad at losing my awesome closet space. BUT I know that something better will eventually be in store, so I can't only keep my faith! Good luck with your move too!!

  2. Wow, your kitchen remodel is gorgeous!! I love it!

    1. Thank you Krista! I just wish I had taken a "before" pic~! It was actually a bedroom at one point, so a complete overhaul was in order!!

  3. Love your home! Your kitchen make over is amazing!


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