DIY Easter Decor - Part One

UPDATE!!!! Check out the more detailed pictures!!!

A few days ago, my daughter said to me on the way to school, “Mom, can we decorate for Easter?” “Of course we can, Buggie!” So, I promised her that after school, we’d pull out the Easter tub and get crackin’! Albeit it’s now a week later!! No matter, we don’t do St. Patty’s day décor anyway (shame on me, I’m Irish!)

I don’t have a lot of Easter decorations, as I like to keep the other holidays to a minimum fuss, so I realized that I need to step up my “free” décor!! Wait till you see my Halloween stuff I made cheap!!

I stumbled upon this wonderful tutorial on classically simple Easy Easter Silhouettes from K.I.S.S. She’s so creative!! Her post gives such precise step-by-step instructions. I highly recommend you march over there and do your own silhouettes!!!

Here’s how mine turned out…

Not the best of pictures and it's hard to tell, but the paint is more of a creamy off white. I think they turned out pretty dern cute!! What do you think? Stay tuned for the rest of the Easter decor!!

Find this linked up here:


  1. Hi Kate, they look great. I am headed over to K.I.S.S. right now. I am following you now too. I look forward to seeing you around. Rhonda @ The Messy Roost

    1. Thanks Rhonda! Glad to have you with us!!! Hope you're inspired!! I LOVE your plastic egg wreath!! I have another post coming with my plastic eggs, and I'll be darned that I didn't find your wreath first! I have extras lying around, so guess what I'll be making!!!! lol

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  3. Love this! I was wondering what brand of paint you used and how you connected the trays to each other - hot glue? Love your blog!! Colleen

    1. Hey Colleen!!! Thanks for stopping by! The paint it Krylon Almond Gloss, and actually, the only part glued to the tray is the ribbon! They are individually hung, but appear to be a chain based on position on the wall!! But, AWESOME idea! Maybe I will glue them all together...should make for easier placement next year!!


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