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Two posts in one day!! Go me! I couldn't help myself!!!! I'm so glad that I found this awesome opportunity I just had to share it!!!!

Lauren @ Simply Free & Kalyn @ Love.Laughter.Happily Ever After. started this amazing new blog hop!! It's not your typical share your blog thing. Nope. It gets down to the nitty gritty and let's you air all your baggage, share what's on your mind, and let it all out kinda of clutch!! I decided I'm going to make myself a regular on Coffee & Conversations!!! 

Coffee & Conversation

This week’s question: What are you most thankful for this year?

I am so thankful for my faith. It’s only been a mere three months into the year, and already I've faced some financial challenges that could have taken me down a dark path. I am blessed to know the Lord, and without him, I don’t think that I would be able to push through every day.

My husband and I have been experiencing some rough patches financially lately (we are a one income household, and he’s regained employment only for 7 months now). We are borrowing Peter to pay Paul, and it is very, very stressful for me, as I never been one to even be late on a bill in my life. Now, I've had to choose which bills get paid on time, which get paid late, and which get skipped for the month. We've been receiving calls daily from companies that want their money, and my once near-perfect credit (I’m talking very close to 800) has taken such a nosedive, I don’t think I’ll ever recover. So my goal is to keep my hubby’s credit in tip top shape and NOT to lose the house!

This is definitely a pretty personal subject for me (and I’m sure if my hubby knew I was telling blog land about this he’d have my gizzard!!) so in order for me to drive home how intense my faith is, and how it’s brought me through this ordeal, I have to just let it all out there!!

If He wasn't with me every step of the way, I’d be in a nut house right now. I’m also extremely thankful that my financial situation is quite minor considering those out there who are worse off than I. I am grateful that despite the hard times right now, I have a roof over my head, am able to still provide for my children, and have somewhat in tact health!! None of us have health insurance, but that’s a whole ‘nother topic!!!!

See you all next week with the answer to...What is one of the most valuable lessons you have learned this year so far?

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  1. Oh Kate I feel your pain. Being in a one person income household myself I understand and have been here before. Years ago when we bought our home my husband lost his job right when we closed escrow. All of a sudden happiness turned into fear and 6 months later he found another job but it taught me that you never know what can happen. Stay strong and have faith!

  2. love your blog design! thanks for linking up last week! hope you can this week as well :) looking forward to reading more of your blog!


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