Tip of the Week - A step-by-step guide to using a banana to fix scratched dvd's

If time allots I'm planning on starting a Tip of the Week portion here at Uniquely Undone. I have so many great tips that I've found all over the internet (especially my favorite of places, Pinterest) and if they've worked for me, I want to share them with you too!!

I was just walking out my kitchen door to take out the trash and my fresh bunch of bananas caught my eye. I remember seeing a post on my Tips and Tricks board on how to use a banana to get the scratches out of cd's. I also know there is a trick for using toothpaste to do this, but I've read some feedback saying that is doesn't work well. To be honest, I haven't tried the toothpaste method yet because I don't have the kid kind. I will try that soon, however, since my kids need more toothpaste!!

Well, I gave the banana method a shot, and I must say, I'm impressed!!

This iCarly cd has certainly seen better days. So many skips and pauses thanks to the energizer preschooler who watched this every day, all day, for like two months straight!

Here, you'll see the scratches on the back. These dvd's are glare-y little things, aren't they!

Step One
Take the fresh cut banana and smush it all over. I would guess that circular motions work best, but I didn't see any specifics on the technique for this portion.

Step Two
Use the peel to rub in the banana guts...

I'm not going to let on that I wiped the guts off first before I did this step. Shhhhh.

Step Three
Rub in the banana guts some more with a fine cloth. Silly me used a raggedy washcloth that was probably a bit too rough. Oh well!

Step Four
Clean it with some glass cleaner. I know this bottle says glass cleaner, but don't let labels deceive...it's actually a refill of Lysol All Purpose cleaner. Oops again!

Step Five
Test it out. Works like a charm!! Yeah me!

Despite my rule breaking and bending, this method still worked well! Perhaps I'll try again the correct way.

Kudos to the genius all over the world who've brought this mind-altering, simple remedy!! And yes, I'm that goofy that I find this mind-altering!!! I have some really bad dvd's that need help, so I will put this further to the test! And maybe, I'll try the toothpaste too and see how that pans out!!

I've also heard some neat tricks to help keep your bunch-o-nanners from ripening too quickly. A common problem in my house. The baby loves bananas (and I do too, but thanks to Mr. Atkins, I can't have them) but he doesn't (or should I say I don't remember to) eat them everyday so they get way ripe too fast. I've set up my experiment to test this tip out. I'll let you know by Friday (today's Tuesday) how it works!!

Until then!!

Keep on keeping on!!
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  1. What a great tip! Thanks for linking up! :)

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    1. Thanks Melanie! Glad to have you!! I'll be stopping on over @ Me & Mr.!!

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