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Good morning everyone! I realize that it's been quite some time since I've last shared a Coffee & Conversation with you, and I'm bummed that I missed the last 5 or so weeks. It's been a very hectic month with getting the house ready to sell, showing it, etc. But, no excuses! I'm back and ready to roll!!

This week's question: What's the habit your most proud of breaking?

As I was reading Lauren's post she began as saying most people jump to truly bad habits like smoking, etc, when they think of this topic. At first, I thought to myself, yes, you are right! My worst habit is smoking. I needed to quit like 5 years ago! But, after giving it some good thought I'm beginning to realize that as I'm typing this, my worst habit has to be consistency. I have none. I go all gung-ho into a new project or idea, and then once the glitter wears off I'm over it. Poof. Just like that. I guess that's why the name of this blog is so fitting - I'm so undone with everything I've ever started!

Have I broken this habit? Heck no! Do I plan to? Heck yeah!! Will I? Probably not. But with great effort, I will make sure that I give it my all. To be honest with you, I'm not even sure of where to begin to start breaking a habit like this! It seems as though my ability to stick it out from start to finish all depends on my mood. If I'm pressured to get it done (like de-cluttering the house because of a looming list date hanging over my head) I have no problem. But if I set out to do something for pleasure, etc., I can't guarantee that I'll ever have it finished! I've come to the stark realization that I have way too many projects that have been started in the house. In the nine years we've been here, I can honestly say only two have been done to total completion. And that's out of about 100 projects. Wow. That's pretty sad. And it's not just home improvement related. It's everything. I noticed the other day that there was still a bottle of my kids antibiotics in the fridge. I start out strong like Dr. Mom, and before the 10-day course is over, they are feeling better, and I forget (or get lazy, or whatever my problem is) and they never get their last dose or two. Now that's just not okay! Shame on me.

I have these grandiose ideas and intentions! I gather up all the inspiration one could need (and end up with such an overload of pictures gathered over the years that I can now start a blog with just them alone!), get excited to start a project, and then realize half-way into it that I'm not going to finish this one either. And let me just say, my consistency is even worse now that I have kids!!

No matter what the issue behind my lack of consistency is, I truly need to work on resolving this bad habit. As I've said, I have no clue where to even start! Has anyone else experienced this? Were you able to break your habit? If so, how?!!

Next week's question: How would you describe modesty for the modern woman & why is (or isn't) it important in today's world?

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