Coffee & Conversations - Week 4

Coffee & Conversation

Good morning everyone!! Week four of Coffee & Conversation! I love this little round up!!!!! This week's question...What would you regret not fully doing, being, or having in your life?

I cringe every time I have to think about what I regret not doing, which leads into what I'd regret not fully doing again!

My biggest regret is not following through with my one true dream of becoming a physician. As long as I could remember, I always wanted to be a doctor. Medicine is my passion, and for a lay person, I've managed to teach myself a lot.

I started out my college career as a biology major. I even even went to one of the "biggest" biology campuses in New Jersey, thinking that I was well on my way to obtaining my dream. I struggled with what practice of medicine to follow - veterinary medicine, orthodontics, general practice - but at least I started the foundation. And then...it all changed.

I had a bad experience with my roommates and by the time I transferred to this "biology" college, I was in my last two years of study, with all of the really challenging classes (biochem, organic, genetics, etc.) and it was just too much to take on at once. I lacked the discipline needed to focus on my school work, and ended up grabbing a new major out of the air, transferring schools, tacking on an additional year of undergraduate work, and realizing a degree in a major that I NEVER used. Now, I sit here, unemployed, struggling financially, and raising my two beautiful kids, with no hope of ever becoming a doctor.

I toyed with going back to school for nursing, and even Physician Assistant, however, some roadblock always reared it's ugly head, pushing me that much farther back. Now, as I desire to pursue that dream again, I've hit an even bigger wall. I'm about 15 years out of taking my sciences classes, which means that if I wanted to go back to school for any field in medicine, I'd have to literally start all over. At 35, this isn't the best choice!! By the time I'd be done, I'd be well into my 40's!!

I know that I should just do it. Period. But, financially, I'm not at liberty to just be so eager. And, the daycare issue - who's going to watch the kids while mommy goes to school full time!!! I do have classes for my masters on my transcripts, and I'm only about 9 courses away, however, it's not a great degree for me at this point, as it's such a saturated field. Anyone and everyone has their MBA's.

What to do. What to do. This, forever and ever, will by my biggest regret in life, and I will have to grapple with that for as long as I live. So, if I would regret never fully going after my dreams, then heck...I'm going to school and become a PA or a nurse, or whatever!!! Starting NOW!!

What's been your biggest regret(s) in life? What would you regret never doing?

Join me and the others next week when we answer the question of: What are you currently struggling or grappling with in your life? This should be a good one!! lol

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  1. Maybe there is a way for you to do it! Praying you can complete that dream regardless of how long it will take :)

    1. Thank you Lauren!! I pray that it will happen as well, if it is meant to be!!

  2. I can't wait to be a part of your next coffee chat! You know...I am kinds that "road not taken" gal but I think for a reason. I have been led down many roads that have been detours and while the trip wasn't the best..The destination is amazing! I am certain that there is a plan and it will all make sense...and it will probably include medicine! Thanks for stopping by frugal fit family! I can't wait to spend more time on your site!!! I have.....LOTS of unfinished projects!


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