Undone again

Talk about uniquely undone…this blog is uniquely undone! And I'm a mess trying to figure out what to do!!

As I’m still new to the blogging thing (think ex-website owner turned blogger), and I had no idea what to expect (let alone the difference between setting up a blog versus a website!) Yes, I know, all HTML is the same, BUT, you have free range to create and design a website how you see fit and with blogs, the templates are all set for you, therefore, you need to know different code. Well, at least I do anyway!

Websites can be built by the novice of novices. Enter Front Page. Design at will. Play around and see what you like. Check it out as a preview. Fix errors. Find cool stuff to add from the internet. Get really cool, easy forms. Save it. Upload it. DONE.

Blogs, not so much. Select template. Find design elements you like. Try your darnedest to figure out the silly code. Past it into Blogger. Get it wrong. Try it again. Fail. Find an easier tutorial. Try again. Semi-fail. Get disgusted. Leave it for another day.

Okay, I'm exaggerating, I know. But seriously, I never realized how quirky blog templates are. So, with keeping in my theme of “undoness”, I've now added another project to my To-Do pile: make this blog completely D-O-N-E design wise! I've had several great resources to turn to in the design process, and I'll give ya'll the links to that soon (if I did it now, I wouldn't be "undone", now would I!)

Keep on keeping on everyone!

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