DIY Write Wipe Workbook

A few months ago, as I was perusing Pinterest (seemingly my most favorite thing to do) I came across the most amazing idea for my preschool-aged daughter. A write wipe workbook filled with practical pages to help her learn her acb's!

At the time, she was having some difficulty recognizing her numbers and letters, and her handwriting looked more like scribble than anything (and this was after an entire year of preschool too!) We were soon to be heading out on a 10+ hour trip to South Carolina, so I decided to light the fire under my rear and get this together for her so she could use it while on the road. Oh my, and I so very glad I did!!

We take it everywhere with us...to the doctors office, the store, anywhere there will be a wait and we need to keep busy! Thank you so much to One Hot Crafty Mama for her ingenious idea!! I will be forever grateful and indebted to her awesomeness!! Please check out her site, as she has a great link to some free worksheets!


Supply list:
1. Sheet protectors
2. 3 ring binder (size depending on how much you plan to "stuff it"!!)
3. Workbook sheets
4. Dry erase markers (preferably the ones with the erasers on the caps!!)

My luck, I just happened to have purchased a huge workbook for her a month before, so I got down and dirty with pulling out all the relevant pages, and gathered together the sheet protectors and binders I've had lying around now for nearly 14 years (from my college days)...

I'd wished that I had a presentation binder so that I could have made it more "pretty" like I did with my other binders. One day I'll upgrade! Maybe even make a new binder as my she progresses through the grades and hand this one down to my son! But, with working with what I had, here is the finished binder...

Simple, easy and CHEAP!! Especially if you already have the binder and protectors lying around the house!! You could even throw in a pencil pouch to keep the markers handy. I love the ones with the erasers already built in...reminds them to erase when they're finished. But, kids will be kids and forget to erase so all you have to do it wet a paper towel and you're good.

Again, I can't say it enough how completely useful this project is, especially if you have preschoolers! It's so adaptable that you can update the worksheet based on the age of the child, or even for your household needs! I've also made a menu planner and recipe binder!

Are you going to make one for your kids? Or how about for your household? If you do, send me your pictures! I always love to see what you all have made!!

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  1. I've been putting together a binder of coloring pages, but an addition like this would be outstanding. Thank you so much for the awesome idea!!!

  2. Stopping by from Serenity Saturday! I love this idea. I plan to do something similar to this for my little guy. I got him wipe erase crayons as a birthday gift for next week and am going to laminate (I'm obsessed with my new laminator!) some coloring and activity sheets for him to use them with. When he gets a little older I plan to make a wipe erase book like this because right now I know sheet protectors would not withstand him very well ;).
    --Michelle @ The Mamade Diaries

  3. this is an awesome idea! Im going to pin this to use later with my son! (once he masters crayons and we can move on to markers! lol) Thanks! Stopping by from Weekend Wander hop on NE bloggers!

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    The party goes on through Monday.

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